One-sided love


  • 1 Definition of love from one side
  • 2 signs of one-sided love
  • 3 Skip unilateral love
    • 3.1 Remember that the pain is temporary
    • 3.2 Spending time with optimistic people
    • 3.3 Carry out various activities
  • 4 References

The definition of love from one side

Unilateral love is the terrible feeling of love on one side; this young man or girl feels the feelings of love without receiving the same feelings from the opposite side, and these feelings often happen unintentionally, as no one wants them to happen. [1]

Signs of one-sided love

There are many signs that the relationship is one-sided love, including: [2]
  • If a person avoids talking about certain issues because of the fear that the opposite party will become nervous, this is evidence that this relationship is not healthy, so the person should not be afraid to speak with the opposite party, but must be comfortable in expressing his opinion, and be sure That his ideas will be respected.
  • That the relationship is not balanced, in that there is no give and take, but rather an ongoing gift, so the person should not be the only person who sacrifices, but there must be a return, or a role from the other party.
  • That a person cannot act by nature in front of the other side is evidence of one-sided love, as the person must not try hard for things to succeed, but rather proceed naturally.
  • That the opposite party is not ready to meet the person’s acquaintances and friends, as this indicates that he is not interested in the relationship.
  • The counterparty always makes excuses.

Skip one-sided love

A person can overcome a one-sided love affair by: [3]

Remember that the pain is temporary

The person should remember that he will not be sad forever, and that the feeling resulting from love from one side will be temporary, as the person will feel sadness, fear, and insecurity, which is the result of the experience that the person has gone through, and not a true reflection of the nature of the person, or what he deserves .

Spending time with optimistic people

It is recommended that a person search for optimistic and active people, supportive friends, surround himself with them, and stay away from anyone whose emotion or friendship is not mutual.

Carrying out various activities

A person should try to do several different activities after going through a love relationship from one side, because he will feel different bad feelings at that time, so he should do activities that make him feel good about himself, also he can do different exercises and spend some time outdoors , Which increases serotonin and dopamine levels.

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