Judgment on friendship

the friendship

Friendship is a human relationship and one of the types of love, affection, and harmony; where a person feels with his friend that he sits with himself without barriers or restrictions, so his friend takes care of him and wishes good for him, and he is always with him on beautiful days so he shares his joy and bad days and helps him to overcome it without a return or a waiting interest. For all that is good and keep him away from every evil and improves his belief in him, he excuses him.

The Almighty said: (And He made you peoples and tribes to know that He honored you with God I fear you). The Holy Prophet explained the various types of friends through his honorable Hadith: (Like a good and bad sitting like a bearer of musk and a blowous bellows, the bearer of musk is either to warn you or you can buy from him or you can find a good wind from him and blow the bellows either by burning your clothes or you find a bad wind).

Judgment on friendship

  • Tell me who gets along with you less than you.
  • The poet of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, said Hassan bin Thabit Abyat with friendship and friends, including:
Men 's evacuators are many
But there is little in the calamity
Do not be deceived by the sting of my brother
What do you have for a female deputy from Hebron?
And every brother says that I am loyal
But he does not do what he says
Only a person has a debt and credit
So what he says is verb
  • Shakespeare said: A friend must carry his friend's faults through dangerous thorns, we get the flowers of peace.
  • Good men should be accompanied only by their likes.
  • Lotus indicates the importance of friendship in enriching an individual’s life. He said: If you have friends, then you are rich.
  • Al-Mutanabbi said:
I befriend a person before his body
I know it in its action and speaking
And I dream about my uncle and know that it is
Whenever a dream ignores it, ignorance will regret it.
  • The Arab writer, Michael Naima, said in describing friendship: When did your friend become like you as yourself, say, you know the friendship.
  • Always be wary of bad friends and supplication: O God, channel my evil to my friends. As for my enemies, I will sponsor them.
  • Warn your enemy once and your friend a thousand times. If a friend turns over, he knows more harmful, because the friend knows your weaknesses and strengths, because he is more capable of hurting you and hurting you, unlike your enemies who do not know much about you.
  • A friend is either to benefit or to intercede.
  • a friend in need is a friend indeed.
  • Your brother who gave you the truth, not the one who believed you.
  • A person must not be blamed for his friend, nor is he to blame for the poet’s saying:
If you are blamed for everything
Your friend has not received uncomplicated
  • Leonardo Da Vinci said: Your friend is a secret, and praise him in front of others.
  • The conclusion, by Imam Al - Shafi’i:
Peace be upon the world when it was not
A friend who is a true friend is fair

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