How to perform good ablution


  • 1 The meaning of ablution
  • 2 How to perform good ablution
  • 3 The rule of ablution
  • 4 Sunnahs and the obligations of ablution
    • 4.1 The obligations of ablution
    • 4.2 Sunnah of ablution
  • 5 Reasons for ablution and its must-haves
    • 5.1 Reasons for ablution
    • 5.2 What is desirable for ablution
  • 6 References

The meaning of ablution

Ablution is a language of ablution , i.e. good and cleanliness, and ablution (with openness): it is the water that is performed ablution, [1] As for ablution in the terminology of jurists is washing special organs on a particular quality in worship of God Almighty. [2]

How to perform good ablution

God Almighty said: (O ye who believe ! If you have to pray Vagsilwa your faces and your hands to the facilities and is to wipe Brwoskm and feet to the ankles if you side Vatehroa if you are sick or on a journey or one came from you from excrement or Amstm women did not find water Ftimmwa Saida good Vamshawwa With your faces and your hands there is something that God wants to make embarrassment for you, but He wants me Cleanse you, and bless your blessings be upon you, that you may thank . ) [3] It appears from the noble verse that there are several steps that a Muslim must take when performing ablution, and they are in order as follows: [4] [5]
  • The Muslim intends with his heart ablution, then he says: (In the name of God).
  • He washed his hands three times.
  • It rinses three times, by putting water in its mouth and then taking it out.
  • Inhale three times, which is to attract water through the breath to the nose, and then the water will be drained. The Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, said: (Exaggerate inhalation unless you are fasting) . [6]
  • The entire face is washed three times, and the boundaries of the face are the hair extensions of the head to the end of the chin, and from the ear to the other ear.
  • He hands washed to the elbow three times, from the tip of the fingers to the elbows, and starts with the right first.
  • He wipes his head once.
  • He wipes his ears once.
  • The feet are washed to the heels three times while picking water between the fingers.
  • He calls the prayers of the Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace - after he finishes ablution, and he says: (I bear witness that there is no god but God alone who has no partner, and that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger, O God, make me one of the spices, and make me one of the purified) . [7]

The rule of ablution

The rule of ablution is divided into a duty and desirable in terms of the necessity of worship or desirability, there are obligatory acts of worship that are required for purity , and other desirable, so it is desirable for purity as well, so ablution is obligatory when performing the duties and obligatory prayers such as the obligatory prayer and tawaaf , while the desired ablution is to perform a desirable worship such as the naafil prayer and remembrance, And reciting the Noble Qur’an, and if a Muslim performs ablution and complete legal ablution, purify the event and all acts of worship are permitted to it. [8]

Sunnahs and the obligations of ablution

The obligations of ablution

The duties of ablution that ablution is not valid except with it are: [9]
  • Intention : It is not correct to work with God - the Almighty - and it is only accepted by intention, which is the contract of the heart over worship, to be close to God Almighty, and the place of the intention is the heart.
  • Washing the face: The jurists agreed that washing the entire face of the face once was an obligation to perform ablution, which is between the ear to the ear, and the hairs flowing to the bottom of the chin . [10]
  • Washing hands to the elbows: The jurists agreed that washing the hands to the elbows is one of the pillars of ablution, and it is obligatory.
  • Wiping the head: The jurists agreed that wiping the head in ablution is one of the pillars of it and the assumption of ablution, and it is not called merely to put a hand or fingers on the head wiping, but this is achieved by moving the hand wiping over the head and getting wet.
  • Washing the feet to the heels: The heels are the protruding bone, which are at the foot and leg.
  • Arrangement: What is meant by arrangement is that it brings purity as a member after member, such as washing the face and then the hands to the elbows, and it is one of the different assumptions in it among scholars, as some of them see it as an obligation, such as Al- Shafii , Ahmed bin Hanbal, Ibn Abbas, Othman, and Ali - may God be pleased with them - And others, others do not see it as obligatory, such as Abu Hanifa, Malik, Al-Zuhri, Abu Dawood, Saeed bin Al-Musayyib - may God be pleased with them - and others, and each of them has its evidence.
  • Loyalty: It is the washing of organs as a sequence so that the first member does not dry out before the initiation of the second.

Sunnah of ablution

Ablution is a Sunnah that the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, used to do, and we urged us to do it without compulsion, and there is no sin on those who left it, but it has a great reward, and its perpetrator will be rewarded and his good deeds will increase, and these Sunnahs are: [11] [12]
  • Naming when starting ablution.
  • Miswak at the beginning of ablution or rinsing the mouth.
  • Washing the hands three times, first doing ablution.
  • Exaggeration in rinsing the mouth and inhaling, and this is for the non-fasting person.
  • Pickling: This is done by pickling a beard, fingers, and feet.
  • Washing the organs three times: by washing the hands, rinsing the mouth, inhaling, washing the face, hands to the elbows, and the legs to the heels.
  • Right hand wash, right foot before left.
  • Massage the organs during ablution and not wasting water.
  • Supplication and dhikr on the Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace - after ablution.

The reasons and desirable ablution

Reasons for ablution

There are many acts of worship that are required for ablution, and it is not valid without it, and these acts of worship are: [13]
  • Prayer: religious texts fixed has shown in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah that it is obligatory ablution for prayer, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: (Allah does not accept the prayer of you if the latest until ablutions) , [14] and prayed without light of forgetfulness or ignorance so do not be punished But he must repeat the prayer.
  • Circling around the Kaaba: as the wandering Kasalap, and must ablution him whether the imposition of Cruising or goes, has indicated that legitimacy and did the Prophet texts peace be upon him, the Messenger of Allah has commanded us to take him Umrah and Hajj Venguetda it.
  • Touching the Noble Qur’an : It is not permissible for a young person to touch the Noble Qur’an, and scholars have excluded children and young people.

What is desirable for ablution

Ablution is desirable for the following: [13]
  • Read the Holy Qur’an and mention God Almighty.
  • If the side wants to eat, drink or sleep.
  • Before washing.
  • Before bed .
  • Ablution for every prayer.

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