How do you know if the person was a liar


  • 1 Meaning of lying
  • 2 How to tell if a person is a liar
  • 3 The rule of lies
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The meaning of lying

Lying in the dictionaries of language is defined as news that contradicts and avoids reality, which is the opposite of honesty , and it is the presentation of the news without verification and validation, or it is the news of lying , which is the saying of contradicting the knowledge with knowledge, whoever is told about something or claims to say it is contrary to the truth And its doer is a liar, [1] and lying is defined conventionally as intentional telling of something that contradicts reality and reality. [2]

How to tell if a person is a liar

The average person can know whether the person he is dealing with is lying or not by abstract observation; if he is aware of some methods of people trying to pass a false reality or change the facts to target others, people may infer the falsehood of information and lie its vector with the sense, intuition, and human instinct often able to verify This is innate, but the workers in the patterns of behavioral psychology and stereotypical behavior experts have demonstrated some important determinants of detecting the liar easily and without complication. [3]

Among the most prominent signs that specialists have identified to detect and identify a liar are the following: [4]
  • The language of the eyes : People can notice a liar who hides his confusion, for fear of people discovering his falsehood and lies , by noticing two visual behaviors that his eyes most likely to perform. Another is the behavior of the optical liar, which is represented by continuous and focused communication of vision, as a kind of establishing his sincerity, strengthening his position, and the power of his speech.
  • The movement of the eyes : According to what the specialists say, whoever writes with his right hand will be honest when he narrates the information if he directs his eyes to his left, while it will be false if he directs his eyes to the right, and the same applies to those who write with his left hand, but in violation of directions.
  • Aggression and manufacturing body movements: The liar tries to give an impression of his sincerity in front of those he talks to, avoiding kinetic agitation, in order to reinforce himself and establish his position as one of the motives for staving off suspicion of lying , thinking that this makes him more credible.
  • Loss of equilibrium and anxious body language : this condition appears in a way opposite to the previous state, because the liar is not able to hide the physical cost, and anxiety appears in his physical language spontaneously; .
  • Verbosity and transmission: The confusion of a liar leads to a disruption of its control over the informational content in its speech, so it speaks in an irregular flow, in which verbal syndromes and unimportant details are repeated at the expense of useful content and important information, and it expresses its inability to produce sincere sentences and expressions.
  • Appearing in a state of defense and impulsive readiness to respond to attackers or skeptics: such cases show a mixture of unconscious attention of a person who is lying to defend himself even without anyone accusing him, and the liar remains confined to the circle of continuous defense and justification, to prove the validity of his words and validity.
  • Narrative of misleading information: The liar markets his misinformation usually with a hand-picked mixture of dispersed information for the listener, by mixing his false words with some information and details that the listener admires, so he is deceived by the entirety of the conversation and the novel is mixed with it, and the details may be ridiculous, revealing clearly the false and false.
  • Redness of the cheeks : may describecaserednesscheeksmany human feelings and vicissitudesmood and psychological; it involved casessurprise and fascination, anger, shame, and others inunited expression representedresponsecheeks and redness, but these variables are not exclusive to this mark, it indicates the cheeks Muhammara Also on the occurrence of a person in the state of lying and falsity that may be accompanied by shame, or fear of discovering the issue of lying .
  • Changing features: The features of a liar may show the deliberate lie and falsehood of his narratives, whereby liars appear to be more unevenly and subconsciously changing their features, and in some people there appear troubled signs such as scratching of the ear or eyes, and inappropriate sarcasm, or touching the nose repeatedly, And changes in most features of the liar.
  • The inability to reformulate and paraphrase the word in the same way: the liar usually fails to recount the words he spoke or paraphrased, to repeat it differently from the first time, and the details overlap repeatedly; to reveal his fabrication of the speech, falsify the reality, and avoid the correctness of speech and transmission.

The rule of lying

Lying from the ethics of the hypocrites , as reported by the Prophet Muhammad, and his rule in the tolerant Islamic Sharia is haram does not permit it only for reasons of three, a war, and mending fences, and talk the wife to her husband or talk the husband to his wife, [2] and inferred from the Hadith of the novel or Kulthum, may God be pleased with her: (It is not a liar that reconciles among people, and says good and develops good. Ibn Shihab said: I have not heard anything licensed about what people say is a lie except in three: war, reform between men, and the hadeeth of the man ... ) . [5]

The mention of lying is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in approximately two hundred places and verses in the context of defamation, humiliation, and the promise of torture. The Islamic law promises the creation of lies from the major sins that lead its owner to perdition, [2] God Almighty says: (Verily, there is no Disbelievers) , [6] as the prophetic Sunnah referred to the consequence of the liars, as stated by the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him: (You have to be honest; truth gives guidance to righteousness, and righteousness guides to heaven, and the man is still believed bodice Certainly, and to you and lying, lying leads to immorality, and immorality leads to fire, and the man continues to tell lies and investigate lies until God is written as a liar) .[7]

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