How do I make my husband love me


  • 1 trust
  • Clarity 2
  • 3 Show gratitude
  • 4 Try new things
  • 5 Attention to small details
  • 6 References


When feelings of jealousy dominate the marital relationship, it spoils her; therefore it is better to stay away from her as much as possible, and prove the wife to her husband that she trusts him and tell him that he can always trust her, and it is indicated that the trust intended here is not only trust related to sincerity, but rather the ability of the husband to resort to his wife in Fear, insecurity, and failure. [1]


Misunderstanding results in many problems that affect the relationship of the spouses with each other, and for the wife to understand her husband, she must listen to it well, and she must know how to communicate with him in order to be able to understand it, and some advice for a good dialogue: speak calmly without screaming, and ignore the flaws of the party The other, speak frankly and directly away from ambiguity. [1]

Show gratitude

Showing a woman's gratitude to her husband would strengthen her relationship with him, and this could be by describing her feeling of gratitude and appreciation for him in a calm session, whether for the wonderful personality he possesses, or for the actions he does for her, or for the beautiful qualities that characterize it, and pushes him to act in a nice way , And she can use writing to organize her ideas further. [2]

Try new things

A woman can find new things to do with her husband , such as: participating in classes, or learning new skills such as foreign languages, cooking, or dancing, and it is also possible to go together to places that were not visited previously, and it is indicated that these matters renew the relationship between them, It increases the feeling of youth and vitality, and enables the two partners to see each other from different new angles. [2]

Attention to small detail

A woman does not have to wear herself up for her husband to love her, but it is enough to do some small things in any area where her husband is facing a problem; if he needs to go out, she takes him out, and if he is sad she takes him out to eat or drink that he prefers to stay away from his problems, along with Help her to make his bad days pass positively. [3]

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