How do I know that I am enchanted

What is magic

Magic: language: imagination, deception, and camouflage. Idiom: harm caused by a person to another person due to hatred or hatred, the enchanted person becomes floundering in his affairs unbalanced in his actions. The Almighty said (he imagines that he is seeking charms) How does a person know that he is enchanted? What are the symptoms of magic?

Symptoms of magic

A permanent headache that has no cure, taking analgesics, and no organic cause
Distraction and thinking are prepared (it appears to him that he did something that he did not do)
Severe shortness of breath for no reason
Epilepsy that has no organic cause
Hate the home and rest when leaving it without reason
Lower back has no cure
Numbness in the northern hand upon hearing the Qur’an

Loss of sensation in chest and neck and with severe soreness
Strange organic diseases without causes (without medical treatment)
A rapid heartbeat
Acute stomach pain if magic is eaten.
Extreme lethargy throughout the body
Recurring disturbing dreams (seeing snakes, cats, and graves)
Take away the will toward a certain person with love or hate
Delayed marriage for girls (the suitor comes and does not return without reason)
Rapid involuntary anger
Hate worshiping God, remembrance, prayer, and the Noble Qur’an - and everything in it reminds God
Crying without the causes of constant distress
See short people everywhere
Too much belching, shortness of breath, and restoration when reciting the Noble Qur’an, and upon hearing agitation and flight.
Aversion to family intercourse - and ugly seeing each other with longing in the case of distance.

Kinds of magic

1 / The magic in which the planets are used
2 / The use of earthly souls, who are the demons of the jinn.
3 / For a contract and a jetting in it - blowing with a slight glow - the Almighty said: {And from the evil of the jets in the contract) Surat Al-Falaq
4 / The magic of separating (separates one from one's wife and from one's family) The magic of associating a husband with his wife.
5 / The magic of madness
6 / Magic disease (not an organic disease for which medicine is not helpful )
7 / Eating magic (put on eating and causing severe stomach pain and trauma)
8 / Sprinkled (sprayed with dust on which the enchanted one is trampled)
9 / Burial magic (buried in the dirt or in cemeteries, which is the most difficult type of magic).
The Almighty said (and they are not harmful to anyone from anyone except, God willing).

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