Health benefits of cumin

Cumin has been used since ancient times in treating many medical conditions, and these cases exceeded about sixty, and cumin has also become one of the distinctive herbs used in making medical preparations and medicines, and cumin has been and still is one of the recipes that doctors recommend to treat various diseases, problems and health problems.

What is cumin

Cumin is one of the herbal plants whose seeds contain the substance of cuminol, and this substance is from the volatile oils, and this oil in its composition consists of a mixture of non-harmful substances such as: gamma terpenes, beta builder, parasmin, and fatty oils, and cumin is taken for therapeutic purposes in two ways, either In the form of unmilled beans to preserve the largest possible number of beneficial elements contained in it, by eating a teaspoon of those grains and chewing them well after a creamy or gas-causing meal such as cauliflower or cabbage. The other way is by placing a spoonful of crushed cumin in boiling water and leaving it soaked for ten minutes, then filtered and drunk from it in the morning.

Cumin uses

  • Used for stomach cramps
  • For the treatment and relief of rheumatic pain
  • It is used to heal wounds and sores, as we apply it to the affected areas
  • Cumin has a great role in healing testicular tumors
  • It is used to stop nosebleeds by using an impregnated impregnated nose and the bleeding stops after a few minutes.
  • Aesthetic benefits: to remove facial spots and get clear skin, cumin water is used as a face wash three times a day
  • Cumin is a good antimicrobial, so it has been used in making various medications
  • Cumin pills are used against indigestion and stomach spasms
  • Cumin is included in the administration of sleeping medications that do not constitute harm if the doses prescribed by the doctor are adhered to.
  • Cumin is used to expel gases
  • It can be used in cases of stomach discomfort, poor digestion and flatulence
  • It helps reduce menstruation and intestinal worms.
  • Cumin is used as a topical application by adding it to olive oil and flour. All these ingredients are mixed and used daily twice in the morning and before bed.
  • Cumin is used for nose bleeding, where we put a little on cotton and wipe the bleeding site.
  • Cumin is used in German pharmaceutical factories to treat many diseases.

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