Eye and envy symptoms


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  • 3 The difference between the eye and envy
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The definition of eye and envy

The eye defines a language with many definitions, depending on what it contained in the context, it may be intended as a member and a sense of sight, or a spring of water, or the people of the house and the country, or the spy, or the precious and precious of things, or the same thing, and many others, and in our context it is Eye injury, a man is said to have eyes; that is, much eye injury, [1] As for envy, it defines a language of hatred for God’s grace to others, and wishes for its disappearance and theft from them, [2] and the statement of the legal definition of eye and envy comes as follows: [3]

  • The definition of the eyes according to Sharia: It is when a person sees something that he likes or astonishes him, and he enters into his heart, and God does not name him, and does not say "God wills, God bless", and does not call for him to save as well, so signs come out of his eye to the eyes and cause him harm, God willing, harm and harm, It may affect a person, a car, and a child, and it can be obtained from a good and a bad person.
  • The definition of envy legally: It is that a person desires the disappearance of God's blessings from others, so he wishes the failure of those whom he deems successful and superior, and wishes for problems and disputes between loving husbands, and the poverty of whom he sees is rich, and envy takes place from the same evil that is not content and satisfied with what God divided for her from the blessings , so that It makes man multiply the blessings of God Almighty on His servants.

Eye and envy symptoms

The injury to the eye or envy can only happen with the judgment of God - the Almighty - and his destiny, and we see many people who are always delusional at every symptom or distress in which he descends from the eye and envy, and they confuse that with their illnesses, depression or other, Therefore, the believer should improve his belief in God, glory be to Him, trust in Him the right to trust , and know that everything that afflicts him is as much as God Almighty and His Judgment, and if all people gather to harm him with something that God did not write on him they will not be able to do so, and does not deny that the person is entrenched with dhikr Or promote himself, so ruqyah is beneficial in all cases, and if envy falls on a person, then there may be a Satisfied Kaldiq, apathy and obedience, anxiety and others, but it may be in the human disease actually, it should be a review of doctors and introduction of the reasons and treatment, and do not always whispers to himself that all fall ill is the envy of the eye, and is keen to prayerGod Almighty keeps his remembrance and trusts in God the right to trust. [4]

The difference between the eye and the envy

There are many differences between the eye and the envy , and the following are detailed in several ways: [5]

  • The main reason: the difference between them in terms of the main reason is that the eye is due to admiration, approval and greatness, while envy is caused by hatred and wishes for the disappearance of blessings from others and hatred.
  • General and special: The envy is more general than the eye. Every envy is envious, and not every envious is a host. Therefore, we see from the miracle of the graphic Qur’an in Surat Al-Falaq seeking refuge from the envious. If the believer seeks help from the envious, then he enters into the help of the host as well.
  • The effect on others and the source: the envy and the eye share the effect, so that the two cause harm to the envied and the eyes, and the source is different, as the source of the eye is the decline of the eye's view, and it may affect inanimate objects, money, transplantation, and other things that are not enviable in the original. God Almighty, the heart moved and wished to be removed from them.
  • Impact on oneself: A person may infect his money and himself with an eye, but he certainly does not envy him.
  • The quality of the soul: The eye may fall from a righteous man, as it is possible to admire something and prefer it without wishing to remove it and take it away, but envy does not happen except from a malicious and malevolent soul.

Eye and envy treatment

Anyone who saw something that he liked should mention God Almighty and say: God wills, there is no power except in God, God bless, or calls and says: Oh God, bless him, until the eye is distracted, because the eye falls on the eyes sometimes without choosing the host, so who It is safe for God to always remember when he sees God’s grace over others, [6] and the treatment of the eye is to ask the one who has an eye if he knows him to wash himself with water, and he has to answer it, as it was mentioned in the Prophet’s Sunnah that Sahl bin Hanif was washing, and Amer bin Rabia saw and admired him. the severity of the whiteness of his skin, he said: (God , what I saw Kalium skin not hidden) , and said that even syncope on the plain, his companions came to the RSS For God and said to him: (O Messenger of Allah Are you in Sahl ibn Hanif does not raise his head?) , He said to them the Messenger of Allah: (Do you accuse of one?)He replied , including Amer bin Rabia, called him the Prophet and said to him: (Allam kills one of you his brother , not a blessing?) , [7] and then ordered him to wash, washing the Amer of his hands, face, elbows, knees and parties to his feet and included garment in a bowl, then pour on the plain, so he is not It has nothing. [8]

The best thing people aspire to is the commitment to obey God Almighty, to multiply his remembrance , and to keep the remembrances of morning and evening, and the question of God’s well-being, especially the legal ruqyah , and here are some supplications and remembrances: [8] [9]
  • Reading Surat Al-Fatihah , as it is healing, God willing.
  • Keep reading the verse of the Holy.
  • Maintaining the reading of God is One, the two doomed, and their repetition.
  • Reading the legal ruqyah, and preserving the morning and evening remembrances .
  • Read the last two verses of Surat Al-Baqara.
  • Read Surah al-Kafirun.
  • Read the verse: (we do not fear You are the top * and Take what the right hand , grabbed what they made but made Kidd a charming magician does not succeed where he came from ) , [10] and pray for this supplication: ( the name of Allah I perform ruqyah everything hurt you from the evil of all the same eye envious, in the name of Allah perform ruqyah, and God will heal you ) . [11]
  • To seek to fulfill the needs of secrecy, and not to tell people about the virtues of God Almighty, except by trusting them.
  • Jetting when reading as the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, used to do.

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