Does Dates cause over weight


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 stages of date growth
  • 3 Do dates increase weight?
  • 4 Benefits from eating dates
  • 5 Video: Will dates increase weight?

an introduction

There have been many questions about dates and the benefits gained when consuming it, and many specialists have said that dates are very beneficial to human health. It helps - when consumed in moderation - to regulate sugar levels in the body, and we will address the detailed talk about dates, and questions that have been raised about Caused it to increase body weight , and cause obesity, and the stages that dates go through as it grows, and the huge benefits gained from eating dates.

The stages of date growth

The following are the stages that dates go through:
  1. The stages of date growth begin with the pollen that is known as: the first appearance of a date fruit after 4 or 5 weeks after its pollination.
  2. During the second phase of the date growth, dates are changed, as they begin to increase in length, extend, change color, appear green, and the weight and size of the dates become large and high.
  3. Bisr: The third stage of date growth is considered to be slow. This stage is characterized by a slow increase in its weight, and the color of the dates fruit becomes yellowish or red.
  4. Al-Rutab: At this stage, the fruits of dates become sweet and watery.
  5. Dates: This is the final and final stage, as the meat is held together with an almost elongated texture, its crust dries, and its color becomes dark

Do dates increase weight?

The answer to this question is extracted from the following: The calories that dates contain differ from one type to another, and by determining the caloric ratios of each type of dates, we reach the desired answer. To open appetite, and increase the demand for food, and as a result, it causes obesity and weight gain.

Dates in its composition contain high levels of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Dates are an integral nutritional component, and when eating dates in moderation, in small quantities, dates do not cause weight gain and obesity; on the contrary, the body benefits greatly from its rich ingredients.

If you are trying to maintain normal weight and do not want to gain weight, avoid eating any kind of dates, and choose fresh dates that do not harm your health, and do not cause you to gain weight.

Benefits from eating dates

Benefits of eating dates include:
  1. Dates regulate blood sugar, when consuming 3 or 7 tablets in the morning, and it also reduces appetite.
  2. Dates cause many diseases, including: relieving and treating constipation pain.
  3. Dates treat anemia, or anemia, because it contains high levels of iron.
  4. Dates give those who eat it a lot of energy and activity.
  5. Dates facilitate the process of digesting food.
  6. Dates contain many minerals necessary for the human body, and to strengthen the nervous system, including: potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium.
  7. Dates make birth easier , because they contain the hormone betosin, which regulates the seizure.
  8. Dates treat infections caused by rheumatic disease .
  9. Dates protect the intestine from cancer.
From the above we conclude that eating dates in moderation is very beneficial, and does not lead to obesity.

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