Definition of the symposium


  • 1 Definition of the symposium
  • 2 Types of seminar
  • 3 Themes of the Symposium
  • 4 Elements of the symposium
  • 5 Summary

Definition of the symposium

• The seminar is the group.
• A group of people meets to discuss a topic that occupies the audience, where there is a moderator of the symposium in a specific location, time and topic.
• The symposium is an issue discussed by specialized people who express their point of view, and then give the public an opportunity to debate.
• The focus of the seminar is about an issue that people care about and occupy public opinion.
• You must adhere to the topic of the seminar and not move from one of the chosen subjects to another.

Types of seminar

There are many types of seminars that aim to spread awareness and discuss specific topics of public opinion, including:

The first type : It is a research symposium in which each member submits research that he submits and is subject to discussion, and the research presented is prepared in advance, and the person in charge of the symposium organizes the process of delivering research and managing the dialogue. Scientific or cultural or a specialized international organization, and research is published after the symposium ends, and there are two types of research seminars, there are held in secret such as: university discussions that are not interspersed with an audience, and there are also those that are in public, and the audience An active member of it.

The second type : It is the open symposium, which is also called the public symposium, in which the public participates widely in the debate, and they offer their views exactly as TV and radio symposia.

The third type : is the interrogative seminar, which is based on asking questions and answers related to it, and the role of the director or a specific group is to interrogate a person concerned with a specific topic by choosing questions, formulating them and developing new questions, and referring to the problems that need clarification, and the topic is often a general matter of interest to the public

Themes of the Symposium

• lecture 
Conversation and discussion

Symposium elements

The symposium has indispensable elements which are:
The topic of the seminar
Symposium Director
Members participating in the symposium
• The audience


The symposium is considered and it is defined as the process of meeting a group of individuals in front of an audience, provided that individuals discuss a topic of interest to the public, in order for the audience to benefit from the experiences of individuals, as a manager has available in it, in addition to that it is in a location, time and topic that was previously identified, as it is defined The symposium is also that a group of people meets to talk about a specific issue, and that the participants in the symposium are specialists in specific matters, so that they express and enrich their views, suggestions, and ideas, and they open an opportunity for discussion with the public, usually the symposium is about matters that concern people Every year, and even it occupies public opinion, and the conditions of the symposium are always not to move to other topics, but to remain only on the topic of the debate and what is around it.

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