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Studies conducted by researchers at Harvard University , USA confirmed that the practice of sport running regularly reduces the likelihood of injury to women cervical cancer and breast cancer by half; because exercise reduces the body 's secretion of the hormone estrogen , which is one of the causes of these diseases. Running also reduces the incidence of diabetes to two thirds, and works to help the body secrete endorphins, which would help relieve pain and muscle cramps. [1]

The concept of fast running

Quick running can be defined as jogging or running for a certain distance within a high speed and a short time, as a person can travel a great distance within a few steps. Running is classified among the best sports that a person can take, because it has great benefits in strengthening human health and its contribution to moving the muscles of the body in a large way, as it increases the activity and strength of muscles, and works to raise the efficiency of the blood circulation. [2]

Benefits of running fast

A healthy mind in a healthy body, so is the practice of the most important reasons for sports health of the mind and soul; due to their impact on the health of the body, rapid Valjra helps the person who practiced to get rid of fatigue and exhaustion, and increases confidence in himself and his body, and improves his fitness to give him a strong body integrated Great physical fitness. [2] In addition, there are other benefits for running, including:

  • It works to strengthen the muscles and joints, and relieves the pain of knees and joints in the elderly who practice running compared to those who do not. [3]
  • It works to reduce the chance of developing joint and joint inflammation in young people who do not have any health problems, which may be beneficial to the work and health of joints in the future. [4]
  • It works to strengthen the muscles of the lungs , increasing the efficiency of the work of the respiratory system, as strengthening the muscles of the lungs increases the amount of oxygen entering the human body, reduces the proportion of carbon dioxide in it, which benefits the brain, and improves the work of the arteries and the heart. [3]
  • Running for several minutes during the day reduces the risk of death caused by heart disease , according to a recent study. [5]
  • It works to change the person's mental state for the better, because the body starts during the first minutes of running to release the hormone endorphins, which relaxes the body, which reduces psychological tension . [3]
  • It works to support the diet of the human body, as this sport is one of the sports that increases the amount of body weight loss, by increasing the burning of calories that enter the body daily. [6]
  • It increases bone density and strength in children. [7]
  • It works to decrease blood pressure, increase the body's beneficial cholesterol level, and increase the number of heart beats. [1]
  • It works to reduce pain during the menstrual period, bearing in mind that women are prohibited from exercising in the week before menstruation , due to the high percentage of progesterone that may cause the respiratory system to increase significantly. [1]

It is worth noting that a person before practicing the sport of running should know the capabilities of his body and his strength to practice this sport, and this is not separate from knowing his health condition well, and it is sometimes necessary to consult a doctor who specializes in this, in order to avoid any damages or complications after exercising, especially among those who suffer from problems In the heart, respiratory system, and overweight. [2]

Fast Running Laws

For fast running, there are several rules the player must implement, including:
  • Choose a good and suitable place for running and the movements that follow, in terms of ventilation, cleanliness, and observance of the general safety rules. It is also advised that the place contain what encourages the player to continue running, whether it is the beauty of the place, or the presence of other players.
Also, the place should not be isolated from people, so that there will be people who help the player in the event of any injuries or accident. [8]
  • Choose an appropriate type of footwear that matches the shape of the foot, and choose long-sleeved clothing that completely covers the hands to avoid exposure to the hot sun . [8] [9]
  • Choosing the most suitable time for running sports , it is usually recommended that the sunrise and sunset time, and drink fluids, such as water and juice, during the period of running, in order to replace the lost fluids during sports. [9]
  • Choosing a flat ground that is not winding to run on, in order to avoid exposing the foot to any symptoms or problems that could harm it. [9]
  • I take a break after every run, as the person relaxes for a few minutes and the heart returns to its normal speed. [10]
  • Begin with a simple warm-up for a short period before starting to run Beth This period is not less than 5 minutes, as the warm-up process includes several exercises, including running in and out, going up and down stairs, raising the knees, and walking fast. [10]
  • After warming up, the person must start walking for a specified period that he determines, by walking anywhere he wants for a period of 10-30 minutes, after which the running begins gradually, where he starts with a period ranging from one to two minutes, then he extends this period time after time to reach At the end, it lasts for up to half an hour of uninterrupted running. [10]
  • Beginning with the cooling period when the person wants to stop running, and cooling is an important process such as warming up, so that the person's body can restore its normal state before running in terms of breathing and blood flow, as well as reduce the temperature that has increased due to running.
As for how to cool down, the person must end his sport by fast walking followed by slow walking, or directly by slow running, and doing flexibility exercises. [8]

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