Apple cider vinegar damage


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Vinegar is a name given to sour and acidic liquid that results from long-term fermentation of a type of alcoholic beverage. To make vinegar from a liquid, it must be converted to alcohol in the beginning and to enhance its acetic acid content. It is vinegar industry from many kinds of drinks, and the most famous grape vinegar which is made by fermenting wine, vinegar apple, which is made by fermenting alcohol known as cider (English: Cider), as well as the alcohol industry such as white vinegar, which is one of the most common species in the cooking. The main factor in the vinegar industry is that it is a drink that accepts fermentation to convert it into alcohol, and this applies to most fruit juices that contain sugars that can be converted - by fermentation - to carbon dioxide and alcohol. [1]

Apple cider vinegar

There are many uses of apple cider vinegar in many types of dishes and cooks, and also in treatment and health purposes. The apple cider vinegar is made by crushing the fresh apples and squeezing the fresh ones, and then adding special bacteria and yeast to start turning the apple juice into alcohol, and this is the first fermentation stage, followed by a second fermentation stage that leads to the formation of acetic acid, and this acid is what gives the apple Distinctive. [2]

The beginnings of medicine since ancient times depended on the use of natural vinegar as a treatment, as it is considered a beneficial treatment that helps make life healthier and healthier, and many scientific studies have confirmed the existence of therapeutic and preventive capabilities for this type of vinegar if used in the daily diet ; It helps to fight germs, relieve the body’s troubles, and preserve its health. Vinegar is also used for cleaning and removing the effects of fatty substances. One of the most important health characteristics of vinegar is its ability to relieve throat pain, relieve coughing, and is also a means To Ajah to stimulate blood circulation in the legs, and to relieve the pain of rheumatism, and to minimize the impact of the sun blows, And calm the burns. But vinegar should not be used in large quantities and excessively, because everything is harmful if used in abundance, and from here this article explains the harms of vinegar and some of its benefits, and whoever wants to use it must take into account some of the physical differences that may lead to skin irritation and irritation if sensitive [2]

Apple vinegar damage

Despite the many positive effects of apple cider vinegar when consumed in suitable quantities, consuming it in larger quantities than necessary may cause a large number of bad side effects, the most important of which are:
  • The first side effect of consuming apple cider vinegar is allergic reactions and skin irritation. [3]
  • Using apple cider vinegar and using it locally on the skin or on the skin causes darkening in the area where it was placed, and the skin becomes dark in color with some cracks in it, and the cause is burns on the skin that cause its ironing, and that results in the appearance of a lot of it. [3]
  • The hopeful statements that apple cider vinegar relieves and removes acne are not correct, but rather leave small spots and pits in the areas of the grain. [3]
  • Having strong, painful irritations in the colon . [3]
  • Eating apple cider vinegar greatly affects the stomach and leads to numerous stomach ulcers and ulcers.
  • Disease hemorrhoids is one of the chronic damage caused by eating that apple cider vinegar.
  • Exposure to ulcers and pain in the esophagus is also considered a damage resulting from eating apple cider vinegar.
  • It may cause tooth enamel wear and thus leave it susceptible to caries and sagging. [3]
  • Stomach reflux and food intake into the esophagus, which leads to high acidity in the esophagus and consequently a feeling of strong pain. [4]
  • Skin discoloration, alteration and discoloration of the skin, and may eventually lead to skin diseases. [4]
  • Inflammation in the colon is also a damage caused by eating apple cider vinegar. [4]
  • The incidence of hypokalemia, the effect on the weakened and weakened bones, and the cause of osteoporosis in the long run. This can be treated with medical injections with apple cider vinegar, such as insulin and others. [5]
  • Apple cider vinegar affects the mouth , as well as weakens and weakens the teeth. [5]
  • It leads to burns in the throat, especially when children accidentally take it. [4]

Benefits of apple cider vinegar

It is said that there are benefits reaped from apple cider vinegar, and among these benefits are the following: [6]
  • Eating before bed helps to reduce the level of glucose in the blood upon waking, which reflects positively on health and activity in the event of eating large amounts of sugar.
  • It helps to avoid indigestion when drinking it mixed with some water, and may treat diarrhea and malaise if it is caused by germs infection.
  • Hiccups are stopped when eating one tablespoon of it.
  • It may reduce cholesterol in the body. A study published in 2006 demonstrated that it treats high cholesterol in laboratory mice.
  • Reducing the incidence of heart disease and stroke, and this is when eating small proportions of it. Vinegar reduces blood pressure.
  • Eating white apple vinegar causes the accumulation of fat in the body, and thus eliminating obesity , as well as reducing appetite, which helps to reduce calories and reduce weight .
  • Relieves joint infections that many people suffer from, by taking a small amount of it, diluting it with water when eating meals.
  • Eating water-diluted apple cider vinegar is helpful in preventing exposure to atherosclerosis.

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