A prayer to facilitate birth

The woman is very afraid when the date of her birth comes, and therefore she must always remember God to facilitate her birth, but there is no evidence of what we have received from the Sunnah of the Prophet, or what was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, indicating the legality of reading something from the Qur’an, or supplications when the child is born, but The parents of the newborn should praise and thank God, and ask him to make their newborn a blessed good, and an eye for them.


  • 1 supplication to facilitate birth
  • 2 provisions of the newborn
  • 3 supplication of congratulations on the newborn
  • 4 Ruling on aqeeqah for a newborn
  • 5 conditions for a prayer response
  • 6 The virtue of supplication

A prayer to facilitate birth

A woman can pray before her birth, during her pregnancy, or after her with what she liked, or what suits her condition, and there is no specific prayer for this case, and there is no evidence to prove that the birth hour is an hour of answering, except in the difficult time of birth, so she is compelled, and invited The compelled must respond, as God Almighty said: “He who responds to the one who is compelled to give compulsion if he calls him and reveals the bad ”, Ants / 62.

What was reported from the ancestor, which facilitated the matter of childbirth, is what Ibn Al-Qayyim said in the Book of Medicine, which states: Al-Khalal said, Abdullah bin Ahmed told me, he said: I saw my father - Ahmad bin Hanbal - write to the woman if it was difficult for her to give birth in a white jam or something clean, he writes the hadith of Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with them: The Great, praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, as if they saw a day that they only stayed on the eve or sacrificed them, as if they saw a day that they were promised, and they did not leave until an hour of rhetoric during the day of a communication. A man said, "O Abu Abdullah, you write to a woman whose son has been difficult for her for two days?" Other than one. ”He recalls on the authority of Akrama on the authority of Ibn Abbas who said:“ Jesus, peace be upon him, passed over a cow, and her son objected in her womb. The soul is from the soul, and what comes out of the soul from the soul, he concluded it. ".
A group of advances have been authorized in writing some of the Koran and drink, and make it in the healing that God made, said the son of values: "Another book for it, writes in a clean vase:" If the sky split off * and authorized the Lord and sustained * If the land stretched out * and delivered what the She gave up , "and the pregnant woman drinks from it and sprinkles her stomach."

There is no verse, hadith, or specific supplication that facilitates the process of childbirth. Rather, this facilitates the general supplication, as did our master Zakariyya, so God answered his supplication, and gave him Yahya on the arrogance. inheritors we answered him and gave him Yahya and made his wife they were quick in good works and calling us hope and fear us and they were sinners , " prophets / 89-90.
It supplications useful in all things: " There is no god but You Glory I oppressors ", the Imam Ahmad narrated, Tirmidhi and others, that the Prophet - peace be upon him - said: " call a Nun , as called for is in the belly of the whale: there is no god but You, glory be to you, that I have been unjust, for no Muslim has ever called anything on her except God has responded to him . "
Including also his saying, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: “ O alive, O mercy of your mercy, I seek help, I am all right to me, and do not bother me with a blink of an eye ”, narrated by Albani.

The provisions of the newborn

It is desirable to preach to the one who came to a new baby, and to congratulate him on that, and to pray for the newborn by blessing. It is a mistake to congratulate the man on the male son and not the female, because this is one of the pre-Islamic customs.
Among the most important provisions related to the new baby:
  • The adhaan is in the right ear of the newborn, and the right to live in the left ear.
  • Shave his head, donate his hair weight from silver.
  • Aqeeqah for a newborn, which is the slaughter of two sheep from a male, and a sheep from the female.
  • You name it Hassan.
  • Male circumcision, male.
  • Paying attention to his education, education and discipline, so that he may develop on good and good.

Prayer of congratulations on the newborn

It says in the Book of Remembrance of the Imam Al-Nawawi, may God have mercy on him: He said: "It is desirable to congratulate the newborn, our companions said: It is desirable to congratulate what came from Al-Hasan Al-Basri, may God have mercy on him. He reached the most intense and blessed his righteousness.

Ruling on aqeeqah for a newborn

Aqeeqah years confirmed for the baby, so to say peace be upon him , " the boy mortgagee slaughtered him seventh ransoms him day and called, and shave his head ," Narrated by al- Tirmidhi, said: Hassan true. And the Sunnah is to slaughter it to slaughter the seventh day of its birth, if it is not, then on the fourteenth day, if it is not, then on the twenty-first, if it is not, then on the twenty-eighth, otherwise the days are not required.

Conditions for responding to the supplication

There are several conditions that must be fulfilled in the supplicant in order for his prayers to be answered, including:
  • The goodness of man, and his departure from evil.
  • Keeping the prayer, and not leaving it.
  • Stay away from disobedience, because God Almighty does not respond to the call of the sinner.
  • A lot of praise and cheer.
  • A lot of asking for forgiveness, so that the invitation can be answered quickly.

The virtue of supplication

God Almighty loves those who call and ask him, and he detests those who are presented with his prayers and questions. God Almighty said: " He said Allaah be upon him to you that those who disdain for my worship will enter hell , disgraced ," Ghafir / 60. The Almighty said: " If my slaves asked me , I answer to the supplicant if the whisperings Felictjibwa me and believe in me so that they might usher ," Cow / 186.

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