A prayer to break the anguish

In his life, a person is exposed to many psychological pressures that increase in severity and intensity with the progress of time, and these pressures are the result of diseases that kill a person and threaten his life, and make him a prisoner of fear and anxiety, in addition to the cruel wars that exterminate thousands of people with short periods of time, and because of the increase in transport accidents in a way terrible.

In addition to psychological pressures, the person is exposed to social pressures that increase as a result of population and human crises, and changes in the pattern of relationships and responsibilities entrusted to him, as well as economic and financial pressures that negatively affected him, and threatened his potential and potential. That is why a person must try to treat all the pressures that he faces in order to be able to balance in this society and interact with it.

Treating pressure

A person must constantly search for a cure for the pressures facing him, and resorting to God is one of the most important means that relaxes the heart, purifies the mind, and gives the man the energy necessary to challenge and resist psychological and social pressures (hey, those who believe in the help of patience and impatience). One of the most successful means of achieving success and persistence, and facing challenges , is to seek the help of God with patience, prayer, supplication and continued hope. (Those whose hearts believe and are reassured by the remembrance of God, but by the remembrance of God, hearts are reassured).

Supplications that remove anguish and worries =

We remind you, dear readers, of some of the supplications that you can use when dealing with distress and distress and facing crises:
  • Abu Saeed Al - Khudri, may God be pleased with him, said: The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, entered the mosque one day, and if he is a man of supporters, Abu Imamah is called to him, and he said: “O Abu Imamah Mali, do I see you sitting in the mosque without praying?” He said: Concerns and debt owed me O Messenger of God. He said: “Shall I not teach you words if you say it, will your concern go away and your religion will be spent on you?” He said: Yes, O Messenger of God. He said: "Say if you become and if you were yesterday: O God, I seek refuge in you from worry, sadness, powerlessness and laziness, and I seek refuge in you from cowardice and miserliness, and I seek refuge in you from the dominance of religion and the oppression of men).
  • And it was from the supplication of Moses, peace be upon him, to God Almighty to explain his chest and facilitate his matter, so that the worries and grief that may be in him go. God Almighty said, on his tongue, peace be upon him: (Lord said, explain to me my chest. And make my command easy for me)
  • It is also nice to say: O neighborhood, O Qayyum ... With your mercy I seek help, I am all fit for me, and do not tire me in the blink of an eye.
  • There is no god but God, the Wise, the Generous, there is no god but God, the Most High, there is no god but God, Lord of the Seven Heavens, and Lord of the Great Throne.
  • Dua Al -Noon in the belly of the whale, when he said: There is no god but You, Glory be to You, I was among the oppressors.
  • Doaa Zain Al-Abidin Al-Hussain Bin Ali Bin Abi Talib, may God be pleased with them: (My God, how can I invite you while I am, and how can I interrupt my hope from you while you are my God if I do not ask you then you give me whoever I ask of him will give me; I did not plead with you, and have mercy on me, so whoever I pray to, and have mercy on me. God, as I inflicted the sea to Moses, saved him from drowning;
  • God gave me patience and ability to satisfy what is not necessary, and gave me courage and strength to change what I can change my hand, and God gave me the payment and wisdom to distinguish between this and that.

The etiquette of answering supplication

  • Ablution before supplication .
  • We raise our hand and remember God and praise him at the beginning of supplication .
  • We pray and greet the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him.
  • Forgiveness and acknowledgment of all sins are what we learned from them and what we did not know, and seeking forgiveness from them all.
  • We mention the need we want for supplication.

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